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"David's enthusiasm, transparency, patience, and professionalism were so great that we were quickly able to overcome challenges and close early to the complete satisfaction of my clients"



"Rosenthal's transparent, honest and creative approach to real estate is so refreshing it catches you off balance when you first meet him. However, he lives up to his reputation an all the nice things people say about him"

Real Estate Broker


"Rosenthal Land Advocates thrives on transparency to create unheard of value (which is a damn good thing) in today's increasingly "see-all" business environment"

Client/Real Estate Investor


"Frankly, we are still in disbelief. Our experience working with Rosenthal Land Advocates has been nothing short of magical. Mr. Rosenthal's relentless pursuit of excellence turned the all too often unsavory broker experience
into something to look forward to and even enjoy!

Client/Real Estate Investor


"From the signing of the listing agreement to closing the transaction, Mr. Rosenthal was in constant communication with the bank; his ability to “look outside the box” in marketing the property generated multiple offers."

Central Pacific Bank


"After Mr. Rosenthal’s impressive opening presentation, the debate (to the astonishment of even the City Planner) lasted for over two hours! Mr. Rosenthal dug in and methodically and convincingly addressed each and every real and perceived concern the opposition brought up. It became very clear that Mr. Rosenthal had made up his mind that he/we were not going to be denied. It was an incredible moment. "

Temecula Valley Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church


"LA's highest and best use and marketing model is
truly at the vanguard of commercial real estate."

REALTECH,  Investment Analysis Firm



"Mr Rosenthal is an extraordinary rare individual in that he adapts not values, but his skills, he learns as he goes, to the benefit of others"

Professor of History at UCLA


"David continuously went above and beyond what is normally expected because he wanted to ensure that we could present a complete picture to the judge.  He repeatedly reviewed dozens of e-mails stretching back years, brainstormed on litigation strategy, and put in time on nights and weekends until he had complete mastery of the factual timeline. "

Trial Attorney


"After almost three years on the market and a highly respected national auction house unable to secure a buyer, Rosenthal closed the escrow in a mere 10 days to the complete satisfaction of both Buyer and Seller. Even more remarkable, Rosenthal achieved these extraordinary results from California, without ever meeting the Buyer, his attorney, nor stepping foot on the property here "

Senior Vice President of U.S Bank - Special Assets Group 


"David's recent talk at the Realty Investment Association Of California (RIAOC) was exceptional for its original content and motivational message.  For the beginner to the seasoned real estate professional, David's understanding and unique approach to commercial real estate development and brokerage is both timely and incredibly effective. "

Former Director of Public Relations


"I must say that this is all too rare within your profession. It will be my great pleasure to recommend your company to the institutions within our market, which need the type of marketing services you provide"

Executive Director for Economic Development, Neosho Missouri 


"Your industry knowledge and relentless work ethic merge to create a strong benefit to our OREO disposition team. The pace you keep, along with a clear transparent / honest approach, is unprecedented in my experience within the OREO sales arena. "

OREO Manager for National Bank


"Rosenthal Land Advocates stands at the pinnacle, not only because of their unprecedented results but more importantly for their extraordinary level of integrity, transparency, creativity and care that they put into achieving those results."

OREO Manager for National Bank


"We worked together to ensure the landscaping and overall home appearance looked great. He also developed a relationship with the neighbors as well as ensured the HOA guidelines were followed. In addition he developed an excellent understanding of the community’s unique and challenging market dynamics. All of this speaks to his authenticity, integrity, and skill set."

HOA Treasurer/Real Estate Investor


"Mr. Rosenthal’s nearly immediate vision/holistic understanding of the property exceeded everyone’s imagination, especially after much prior effort had produced no results. Thanks to Mr. Rosenthal’s persistence in believing in that vision after everyone else had given up, the deal was closed"

CEO of Loh & Co


"David’s work ethic and leadership are an asset to any project. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and I look forward to working with RLA again in the future"

Vice President NAI Alliance


"After a handful of failed escrows, the bank hired RLA. RLA took the time to truly understand the City and community’s expectations and needs. To my amazement, the property closed escrow in less than three months."

Development for City of San Jancito


"You took personal care of how we as tenants were treated and taken care of. Taking into consideration our mother’s feelings and health you worked with integrity and sincerity. You even took into consideration our monetary needs! It has been my pleasure doing business with you. Your business practices are not of the norm. I would recommend your business to anyone including friends and family."



"You went above what your job description calls for. You were available early in the morning and late at night. You did not runaway from any of the issues that arose, and you were always straightforward and honest...I wish more brokers were like you. Your expertise, knowledge and honest approach was truly appreciated."

Real Estate Broker/Investor


"In all my 30-plus years in the oil and gas business and as a business owner, I have never worked with a more capable company. Even though Mr. Rosenthal never stepped foot on the property (RLA is located over 1,500 miles away in California) or met the corporate buyer, its agent and attorneys, he so quickly gained everyone’s complete confidence that he was entrusted to lead a team of professionals from both the buying and selling side to extraordinary results!"

Real Estate Investor


"David's extensive construction background and knowledge that the house was built by the area's premier home builder, helped us understand that even though the house was priced higher per square foot than the competition, it actually represented better value given the home's superior construction. We closed 25 days later!"

Client/Real Estate Investor


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