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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Consulting Services

From novice buyer to the experienced investor, Rosenthal Real Estate Advocates wants to be your first choice.

Given our extensive construction and banking background, large national and regional banks throughout the United States look to us to assess pre-foreclosed commercial real estate assets to determine if a bank should proceed with foreclosing.  Upon foreclosing, we manage the real estate asset and begin to apply our Real Estate Advocacy Model to mitigate risks and maximize value.  At the appropriate time, we interview/hire qualified commercial real estate brokerage firms to assist in the sale of the asset.  We carefully choose the brokerage firm that we feel has what it takes to collaborate with us and apply our Real Estate Advocacy Model to achieve our usual, exceptional results.               

We consistently achieve exceptional results based on the Real Estate Advocacy Model.

We look forward to reading you message!

What We Do:

-Brokerage Services;
-Negotiate and establish cooperative relationships with municipalities to reduce fees/fines (broken projects), explore viable alternative development options, and to ensure a smooth transition to the new buyer;
- Pre & Post Foreclosure Property Condition Assessment Reports;
-Fair Share Loss Agreement Support Documentation;
-Property Management Services;
-Appraisal Reviews;
-Cost to Complete Reports.



We can be very flexible with our fee structure. Depending on the project, some services are at no extra cost or can be included in the brokerage fee.


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